With the vast amounts of literature published on Longevity, we are continuously highlighting books that stand out and best represent the sector.

If you have any additional recommendations, feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

The Happiness Curve

Jonathan Rauch

The Happiness Curve is an expose on how to embrace the third part of our lives. Mr. Rauch, an acclaimed journalist having experienced the hump of the ‘midlife crisis’ brings to us the stories of people from all walks of life who have rebooted the “hump” into a ‘curve’ - and have found the ways to embrace what millions fear to be an impending malaise - to say the least.

The Personalized Diet

Eran Segal & Eran Elinav

The Personalized Diet reveals the surprising yet obvious fact that while some foods may be beneficial for some, the same diet can prove to be detrimental for others. Since Drs. Segal and Elinav brought readers their research on personalized nutrition, the world of dieticians and nutritionists has been forced to recalibrate every one of their standardized formulas.

The Upside of Stress

Dr. Kelly McGonigal

Expanding on years of research by Kelly McGonigal in the field of stress, the reader is given an insight into the ways we can benefit from certain forms of stress. This work explains the processes of stress from a psychological, physiological, and emotional perspective - enabling us to pivot the negative aspects of stress into beneficial personal strengths. As a psychologist, researcher, and lecturer at Stanford University, Kelly McGonigal, PhD, has drawn on her personal and professional experience to demonstrate how to use the reactions that stress causes within the brain to cope with situations from an alternate perspective.

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