With the vast amounts of literature published on Longevity, we are continuously highlighting books that stand out and best represent the sector.

If you have any additional recommendations, feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

The 100-Year Life

Dr. Lynda Gratton & Dr. Andrew Scott

Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott outline the challenges and intelligent choices that all of us, at any age, need to make to take advantage with the dividend of a greater life expectancy. The book has received extensive coverage around the world and is one of the best summaries of the challenges and opportunities arising from increasing longevity.


Jim Mellon & Al Chalabi

Juvenescence is the introductory book for anyone starting their quest into the world of longevity. Co-authored by Jim Mellon & Al Chalabi, two successful serial entrepreneurs and investors - the reader gets a bird’s-eye view of the state of affairs within the longevity industry, the sciences currently being explored, and integrative methods to improve our health along the path of aging.

The Longevity Economy

Joseph Coughlin

The Longevity Economy traces through the forecasted wants and needs of the aging population while debunking the traditional notions of what businesses held to be self-evident truths. Mr Coughlin, who teaches and directs the department at the MIT AgeLab, shares the relevant insight he has thoroughly gathered over the past decades of how society’s shift in age along the demographic curb is a marker for new opportunities that businesses need to embrace quickly - if they seek to ride the wave rather than get sucked into the undercurrent of conventional thought.

Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder

Chip Conley

Wisdom at Work is a book describing the lessons learned from the experience of an accomplished businessman in his mid-50s during his integration into one of the largest, most recognized tech companies of today - Airbnb. Mr. Conley was recruited into the company’s early stages as an expert advisor due to his long and thriving experience as a CEO in the hospitality industry.

How to Live Forever

Marc Freedman

How to Live Forever tackles the phenomenon of today’s shift in age demographics through the lens of generativity. Mr Freedman brings us along his thirty-year journey to ask and answer such questions as ‘What is the new meaning of life beyond 50?’ How to bridge the restructured generational gap? And so on.

A Long Bright Future

Dr. Laura L. Carstensen

Laura Carstensen, longevity and aging expert from Stanford University focuses on a long, bright future and the positive dimension of the fact that we are going to live longer then our previous generations. It’s time to redefine aging and retirement models that embrace this new reality.

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