Longevity Network

Longevity is a rapidly growing sector offering a range of opportunities for existing and new companies to find their niche and add value. We are continuously researching the market and presenting the most interesting start-ups and investors, as well as products, services and best practices by companies, entrepreneurs and technologies from all over the world that are adding value to the longevity sector.

Our aim is to inspire new and empower existing companies to succeed in the longevity sector.


We feature companies and corporations providing services, technologies or products contributing to healthy longevity, either in age science, preventive healthcare or the longevity economy.
We are sharing also some of the best practices and research conducted by established leaders in their respective areas.

We are highlighting some of the most promising start-ups in the sector and inspire new companies to enter the field of healthy longevity.

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Investors and

There are a number of key contributors adding value to the sector. We are presenting research institutes, organizations and investors fundamental for further growth of the longevity sector.