June 13, 2019Age Science

The power of epigenetics

Dr. Steve Horvath is a global expert in epigenetics and biomarkers of aging. He is the author of what is described as the most accurate multi-tissue biomarker of aging - “the Horvath’s clock” as a well as recently presented by his lab, the GrimAge clock. 

In our interview with Dr. Horvath, we seek answers to the following questions:
• What is epigenetics and how does it influence our aging process?
• How does the Horvath’s Clock differ from the GrimAge clock?
• How close are we to slowing down or reversing the aging process?
• How effective is DNA methylation in predicting biological age?
• What is Dr. Horvath’s personal recipe for a long and healthy life?  


  • Epigenetics plays a very important role in the aging process.
  • The reason I studied DNA methylation is that it relates very strongly with aging across the entire life span.
  • Smoking, which is a bad habit, does negatively affect your methylation level, and it increases the grim age.
  • We have definitely noticed that people who eat vegetables age more slowly, at least their blood ages more slowly.