July 19, 2019Age Science

Gero: New ways of tracking aging

Gero is a private longevity biotech company located in Russia and Singapore, founded by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the area of life sciences. Their goal is to extend healthy life span and delay age-related health issues, focusing on novel antiaging targets, developing life-extending therapies and estimating personal risks of diseases and mortality with the help of AI and proprietary models.

In today's podcast, we discuss the following and more….

  • What does Gero stand for and what is its mission and vision?
  • How will Gero’s technology improve our health span?
  • How to conduct digitalized virtual clinical trials to measure the aging process using digiceuticals
  • The most important wearable tech trends in the next five years
  • The importance of putting control of your health back into your own hands using wearable technology
  • What is the main challenge for start-ups in the field of longevity?


  • In 2006, there was the first publication that suggested that there are mammals that apparently don't age. We decided, if mammals can do that, maybe we can do that for human beings.
  • If you want to introduce a drug against aging, you have to learn how to track aging.
  • We can see what works and what doesn't for different people and make an AI-driven recommendation system.
  • Our goal is to give control of your health back into your own hands by introducing great biomarkers of age for the customers.