June 14, 2019Preventive Healthcare

System approach to human health

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is one of the co-founders of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential at the Apeiron Academy, and a retired colonel and human performance expert in the United States Air Force Reserve Command. She is a “human systems designer,” and creative disruptor in the field of epigenetic performance coaching, creating a new paradigm for what is possible for human flourishing.

Dr. Hamilton talks about:

  • A systems approach to human health
  • New models for a preventive approach to health and precision medicine
  • How genes influence our health
  • The impact of overbreathing on our overall health


  • Zoh - it's Greek for limitless life (…), we don't believe that there are limits on human potential and performance.
  • We propose going away from the sick model. The complex system is a step toward thriving and flourishing that sees the human system in all of its complexities, not from each of the individual systems.
  • Our DNA code is a hard code and that's something that doesn't change. The hard code is affected by how the environment in which we live and interact sort of plays together. So the question that was once: is it nature or nurture has been answered and it's both, and it's more precisely - how nature and nurture interact.