March 25, 2020Preventive Healthcare

Outsmart the ill-being

Dr. Tchiki Davis is a writer, author of the book "Outsmart Your Smartphone" and an expert in happiness, well-being and technology. She's also the author of the blog "Click Here for Happiness” for Psychology Today, and co-creator of an online program that has helped more than a million people worldwide to find balance and joy.

In this podcast we look for answers to following questions:

  • How can we boost happiness and well-being?
  • How can we outsmart our smartphones and technology around us?
  • Stress resilience – how to find balance between good and bad stress?
  • How to move from ill-being to well-being?


  • Technologies are distracting us from spending more time with other people and ourselves and thinking about our purpose.
  • We can do a lot of things to decrease our stress through things like mindfulness or being in nature.
  • Positivity is one of my absolute favorite tools for happiness and well-being.
  • Sometimes people think, "if you just have the right mindset, then the magic will come". But really, it's just opening that door that enables you to embrace the lifestyle factors that lead to positive well-being.