June 12, 2019Age Science

Importance of aging and longevity in Asia

Dr. Brian Kennedy, Director of the NUHS Centre for Healthy Ageing, Professor at the National University in Singapore,  shares with us his knowledge about healthy aging and the longevity sector in Asia.

We explore the healthy longevity sector experience and potential in Asia and focus on the following questions:

  • What kind of problems are Singapore facing in terms of longevity and aging?
  • What are the differences in approaches to aging and longevity between Asia and Western countries?
  • How important are lifestyle changes and health education in building a health-conscious society?
  • What are the major game-changers in technology or research in the longevity sector?
  • Are we even close to delay or reverse age-related diseases?
  • Is longevity research attractive to young scientists?
  • What are Dr. Kennedy’s personal recommendations to stay healthy and live longer?


  • Singapore is one of the major countries that's facing a crisis with the aging population.
  • Singapore is sort of one of the ground zero countries for that, because they have a very long-life expectancy, a very low birth rate. What this means is that you're going to have only two working people for every retired person in 10 years.
  • If you look at traditional Chinese medicine, it's really about prevention and keeping people healthy. Whereas Western medicine has become more about treating people after they get sick.
  • Demographic change in the population makes aging one of the most important medical issues of the century.