June 12, 2019Preventive Healthcare

How our cultural beliefs influence longevity?

Dr. Martinez  speaks to us about the cultural context of longevity and the power of cultural beliefs over genetics and its impact on our health.

Some of the main topics of our conversation with Dr. Martinez are:

  • How do our culture and environment impact our longevity?
  • How do we see longevity in different locations?
  • What is “centenarian consciousness”?
  • What is the impact of our cultural belief systems?
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration?
  • What are cultural portals, and how do they impact our health and longevity?


  • Longevity is culturally learned, is not inherent.
  • Anybody can learn centenarian consciousness at any age.
  • Growing older as a passing of time. Aging is what they do with that time, and how they live.
  • When people are shamed you notice that their neck turns red, that's inflammation and redness from acid in the immune system, which is responding as some kind of pathogen out there.