March 26, 2020Longevity Economy

Toward lifelong vitality - a coming revolution

Due to progress in the longevity sector the quality of life of a large part of the humanity can be improved and bring solutions to some major problems of society. The longevity sector has the potential to be one of the most disruptive movements in the positive sense. Under the term  longevity we understand lifelong vitality, optimal health and healthy lifespan. This will not only result in the growth of this sector, but bring also potential to many other areas of economy and business. 

In June 2019 the International Institute of Longevity organized an interdisciplinary RoundTable in Liechtenstein on the Future of the Longevity sector in Europe. This was hosted by the RoundTable Foundation which is chaired by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein.

Some 20 recognized international experts representing stakeholders in the field of longevity participated in the 2 days discussion. The main objective of the meeting, was to reach conclusions and recommendations and to document this in a White Paper summarizing findings, opinions and recommendations for the future.

Our White Paper was distributed to stakeholders and interested parties on academic, political, public administration and business levels.