January 18, 2021Age Science

New anti-aging supplement by NOVOS

NOVOS is a new longevity company offering science-based and data-driven nutraceuticals and tests to address aging, backed by longevity scientists who studied aging at Harvard University, MIT, Salk Institute, University of Washington and other institutes. The company’s launch product, NOVOS Core, contains 12 science-based ingredients to slow down aging. NOVOS will also offer tests to measure biological age.

“For decades people have been trying to live longer by taking antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and other supplements. None of these have been proven effective for lifespan. Antioxidants can sometimes even shorten lifespan,” says Chris Mirabile, Founder of NOVOS.

The NOVOS team of PhDs and medical doctors harnessed recent discoveries in aging, including the important role of the epigenome and protein accumulation in the aging process, to identify 12 ingredients, detailed on its website NovosLabs.com, to address aging in a synergistic way.

“We created NOVOS because we believe the science is finally here supporting ingredients that slow down aging and improve longevity. Scientists learned more about aging in the last 10 years than in the 1,000 years prior, and no other supplement or pharmaceutical company has applied this knowledge to date,” added Mirabile.

“New insights into the aging process and the publication of studies about substances that can extend lifespan enabled us to finally create a science-based supplement to address no less than 9 important mechanisms of aging,” says Dr. Kris Verburgh, MD and Chief Scientific Officer.

“These 9 mechanisms of aging are important reasons why we age, such as mitochondrial dysfunction, epigenetic dysregulation, genomic instability, cellular senescence, protein accumulation, and altered intercellular communication. NOVOS identified 12 substances that can impact these aging mechanisms, and combined them in NOVOS Core, the foundational launch product. A combination of ingredients is important because each mechanism needs to be addressed in order to meaningfully impact aging,” says Verburgh.

NOVOS’ Scientific Advisory Board consists of top scientists in the longevity field, such as Professor Dr. Joao Pedro Magalhaes, PhD, of the University of Liverpool, Dr. Pamela Maher, PhD, from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and NOVOS works closely with longevity experts, like Professor Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, PhD, at the University of Washington.

“The NOVOS formulation is informed by science and is the current state-of-the-art in longevity supplements,” says NOVOS scientific board member Professor Joao Pedro de Magalhaes.

The company was founded by Chris Mirabile, CEO, and Dr. Kris Verburgh, Chief Scientific Officer. Mirabile is a serial entrepreneur and technologist, with a passion for health and aging, fueled by, among other things, being diagnosed with a brain tumor as a teenager. Verburgh is a medical doctor and researcher, who since a young age has been fascinated by aging. He is a partner at a $100 million dollar investment fund that invests in new biotechnologies to address aging, like epigenetic and transcriptomic therapies.

NOVOS is the go-to resource for people across the world who want to live longer, providing advice and information to slow down their aging. NOVOS offers newsletters, ebooks and webinars to share new insights into longevity, supporting a community of people who want to live long, healthy and productive lives. NOVOS is also a Public Benefit Corporation and part of its profit goes to funding aging research.

The data-driven approach of NOVOS is not only reflected in its nutraceuticals. The company also offers tests that track biological age and health, for example with novel devices that painlessly draw blood at home without a physician or needles, or by using facial AI tests and epigenetic tests to determine your biological age.

“One important part of the future of health is the shift of healthcare from the physician’s office to the living room. People should be able to track their health from the comfort of their own home. NOVOS’ science-based longevity nutraceuticals, in combination with tests to track your aging and health is a powerful combination for living a longer, healthier life,” says Dr. Verburgh.

NOVOS’ foundational product, NOVOS Core, is available for purchase today. The company is headquartered in New York, with a global presence of team members, scientists and investors across the US, Europe and Asia.


NOVOS’ goal is to help people to live longer, healthier lives. NOVOS develops pioneering science-based products to impact the aging process, addressing 9 important hallmarks of aging. NOVOS offers biological tests to assess biological age and health of its customers, such as facial AI, epigenetic testing and blood tests. The company is a platform sharing the latest insights and information into the aging process, and uniting people in their quest to live longer, healthier, more youthful lives. NOVOS was founded in 2018 and launched in January 2021 and is headquartered in New York while its team is spread across the globe. NOVOS has an advisory board of esteemed aging scientists and discerns itself by its science-based, data-driven approach. NOVOS is available for purchase at www.novoslabs.com.